31 August 2011


This special day is commemorated nationwide on 7 September each year to encourage people to help conserve Australia’s unique native fauna and flora. There are a number of things you can do to help threatened species and other native plants and animals.

*Visit Communities in Landscapes , a project with partners including OEH and Landcare to find out the latest biodiversity related news and upcoming events you can participate in.
*Head to one of our beautiful national parks. Visit Wild Wild World to find out what's on near you.
*Visit a Zoo! There are active conservation and captive breeding programs for Australian and internationally threatened species.
*Adopt a corroboree frog ! The Southern Corroboree Frog is threatened with extinction and needs your help.
*Find out how you can Save a Species by supporting your state seed bank.
*Check out the Australian Museum's ALIVE program for a range of events and exhibitions which celebrate biodiversity.
*Visit the Foundation for National Parks website to discover how you can become a Backyard Buddy and help biodiversity in you own backyard.
*Consider entering into a Voluntary Conservation Agreement or making your property a Wildlife Refuge if you own land with suitable habitat for threatened species and other native plants and animals.

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