02 September 2011

NATIONAL HERITAGE LIST: West Kimberley added

The iconic west Kimberley will be placed on Australia’s National Heritage List, Environment Minister Tony Burke announced on 31 August 2011.

Mr Burke said the Gillard Government would recognise outstanding heritage values within more than 19 million hectares of the west Kimberley, including Aboriginal, historic, aesthetic and natural heritage values.

The area to be placed on the National Heritage List includes the spectacular Kimberley coast from Cape Leveque in the west to Cambridge Gulf in the east, the Kimberley plateau and country south to the Oscar and Napier Ranges, and the mighty Fitzroy River.

The National Heritage Listing will provide the west Kimberley with Australia’s highest form of heritage recognition.

“The west Kimberley belongs on a list of the places which define Australia,” Mr Burke said.

The National Heritage List was established to list places of outstanding heritage significance to Australia. It includes natural, historic and Indigenous places that are of outstanding national heritage. Areas in the west Kimberley identified as having outstanding heritage values and inscribed on the National Heritage List include:

For more information on the listing including a map of the west Kimberley National Heritage Place click here.

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