11 August 2011

GRANTS: Australian Biological Resources Study

*Research Grants

*Capacity-Building Grants

Australia is home to around 8 per cent of the world’s plant and animal species — with an estimated 566,400 species occurring here. Every day we are making new and exciting discoveries about Australia’s biodiversity, yet only about 25 per cent of Australia’s species have been formally described. The Australian Biological Resources Study (ABRS) is contributing to furthering our knowledge of the taxonomy of Australia’s flora and fauna. Over the last twelve months, research projects funded by the ABRS have resulted in the description of 19 new genera and 165 new species — however, there is still much more to be discovered.

Research Grants
• The ABRS offers 3 year Research and Postdoctoral Fellowship Grants where the researcher’s primary aim is to undertake taxonomic research on the Australian biota or to develop products that aid in the dissemination of taxonomic information.
Capacity-Building Grants
• The ABRS offers Capacity-Building Grants for taxonomic and systematics research on Australian flora and fauna in the form of Honours, Masters and Ph.D awards.
• The ABRS is also offering applicants beginning a Ph.D on an Australian Postgraduate Award (APA) in 2012, the opportunity to top up the existing APA rate ($22,860 in 2011) by $10,000 per year.
• In addition to these grants, the ABRS is offering Bush Blitz Research Supplements to Ph.D students. The Supplement provides an additional $10,000 research support for a project requiring taxonomy or systematics that can be linked to Bush Blitz. The award also gives the student an opportunity to attend one Bush Blitz survey.

Applications for 2012–13 close 28 October 2011

For application forms and further details on ABRS Research Grants and Capacity-Building Grants or Bush Blitz Capacity-Building Grants

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