21 February 2014

RESOURCES in plant conservation

Tick protection guide. An overview of how to protect yourself from ticks and tick-borne diseases by the Australian Association for Bush Regenerators.

Start with the grasslands - Design guidelines to support native grasslands in urban areas. Free download.

NSW information resource: Archived Content from CMA and LHPA websites (searchable).

Would you like to check that you are using the correct and current scientific name for an Australian plant? Use The Australian Plant Name Index.

Victorian State of Environment Reports 2013

New guide to the Grasses of the NSW tablelands. Includes grass ID information and colour photographs for each species.

The Curious Country. Free e book on why science is good for Australia. Including paper on biowealth by CJA Bradshaw.

New book. Cosmopolitan Conservationists: Greening Modern Sydney. Stories of conservationists of early 20th-century.

Useful resource for helping scientists communicate with news media: sciencemediasavvy.org.

Special issue of ESA Frontiers assesses impacts of climate change on ecosystems (open access).

A glovebox guide for bird identification and habitat restoration in the ACT and SE NSW by Greening Australia.

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