21 February 2014

NEWS and interesting reads in plant conservation

Call for EPBC Act nominations (Threatened Species, Ecological Communities, KTPs). Close 27 March 2104.

New maps reveal locations of species at risk as climate changes.

Fungi may be key to rainforest biodiversity. ''Fungi prevent any single species from dominating".

Marine ecologists from University of NSW have successfully restored a seaweed species that once thrived along Sydney's coastline.

Old trees contribute more to carbon storage than previously thought.

Australian Alps montane grassland to become invasive weeds "hotspot' if climate trends continue.

Property owner being paid to protect native forest for its carbon value for the first time in Australia.

New fire management report challenges common beliefs about Aboriginal burning practices in Australia.

Australia’s gum trees ‘at risk’. 'Many eucalypts will no longer survive in their native ranges' as the climate changes.

Coles dismisses complaint about weedy plant.

Interesting article on biodiversity loss at a range of scales (continental, regional, quadrat).

Interbreeding between closely related species (hybridisation) can aid plants during periods of environmental change.

The Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens working to save the critically endangered Maquarie Island Cushion plant.

Slow recovery of disturbed tropical forests. 'nothing can replace the .. value of primary tropical forests'

Is volunteer-collected data as good as expert-collected? Not really, but quantity made up for quality in this example.

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