21 February 2014

CALL FOR ARTICLES: Australasian Plant Conservation (APC) - ANPC's quarterly bulletin.

We are seeking articles for the March – May 2014 issue of the quarterly bulletin Australasian Plant Conservation (APC).

The issue will be on the theme of "The Global Strategy for Plant Conservation”.

The Global Strategy for Plant Conservation, first introduced by the Convention on Biological Diversity in 2002, highlights the importance of plants and the ecosystem services they provide for all life on earth, and aims to ensure their conservation and to halt the continuing loss of plant diversity.

Supported by over 180 countries, it recognises that up to two thirds of the world's plant species could be threatened by the end of this century.

Its vision is of a positive, sustainable future where human activities support the diversity of plant life (including the endurance of plant genetic diversity, survival of plant species and communities and their associated habitats and ecological associations), and where in turn the diversity of plants support and improve our livelihoods and well-being.

The original GSPC set 16 plant conservation targets to be achieved by 2010 so as to work towards the GSPC’s five key objectives, being that:
* Plant diversity is well understood, documented and recognized
* Plant diversity is urgently and effectively conserved
* Plant diversity is used in a sustainable and equitable manner
* Education and awareness about plant diversity, its role in sustainable livelihoods and importance to all life on earth is promoted
* The capacities and public engagement necessary to implement the Strategy have been developed.

In October 2010, an updated GSPC was released with revised targets for 2020.

In this issue we wish to examine the progress made to date and the challenges facing the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation and its objectives.

General articles not on the theme are also welcome.

We also welcome:
* book reviews
* titles of interesting recent publications or resources, and where they can be found
* conference, workshop, course and fieldwork announcements
*details of relevant publications, information resources and websites.

Deadline for submissions for the March – May 2014 issue is 28 Feb 2014.

If you are intending to submit an article or wish to discuss possibilities, please contact the Editor, Huw Morgan. Your final article must be submitted to Huw by email at huw.d.morgan(at)gmail.com

Guidelines for authors and further information on contributing can be found at http://www.anpc.asn.au/apc.html.

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