02 September 2012

BUSHLAND RESTORATION explored in the latest edition of Australasian Plant Conservation

ANPC members recently received issue 21 (1) of Australasian Plant Conservation.

The theme of the latest issue is bushland restoration.

The issue examines current small scale efforts and local approaches being made in the restoration of bushland areas.

Articles include:

  • The south-east Queensland ecological restoration framework – the ‘how to guide’ for a biodiversity hotspot by David Francis, Rhonda James and Darren McPherson.
  • The use of mitigation planting to achieve strategic planning outcomes in local riparian restoration by Lisa Carter and Murray Swales
  • Tweed-Byron Bush Futures Project: improving urban and peri-urban bushland sustainability in Tweed and Byron Shires by Angus Underwood and John Turnbull
  • High impact bush regeneration: is there a role for heavy machinery? by Lee Andresen
  • A forty year history of bushcare at Bonnet Bay, NSW by Michael Harrington
  • Hawthorn eradication - an Aranda Bushland story by Jean Geue
  • Burn piles and planting at Latrobeana Terrace – Restoration of a grassy forest community in Eltham South, Victoria by Karl Just
  • Ex-situ conservation of the rare Tall Yellow-top Daisy (Senecio pilosicristus) by Michael Thorpe, Dan Duval and Phillip Ainsley
  • Revegetation of Banksia Eucalypt Woodland in Beeliar Regional Park, Western Australia by Linda Metz
  • Restoring the canopy health of native urban bushland and parkland trees by Paul Anthony Barber and Giles Edward StJohn Hardy
  • The Redhand MethodTM - a new method of herbicide application by Tait Bedlington
Regular features include: updates from the New Zealand Plant Conservation Network, book reviews, information resources and useful websites, and research roundup.

The next issue will expand on this to examine restoration at a larger, landscape scale. 

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