02 September 2012

ANPC WORKSHOP: Jewels in the landscape: managing significant native vegetation remnants

The ANPC is hosting two workshops on the management of significant native vegetation remnants

17 and 18 September 2012, Scone NSW
20 and 21 November 2012, Moree NSW

This two day workshop will provide participants with the skills required to plan, implement and monitor a project to manage and restore grassy woodland remnants.

Learning will be through a combination of theory presentations and field-based activities.

The workshop has a particular emphasis on managing grassy woodland remnants but is relevant to the management of other vegetation types.

Topics covered include:

  • ecology of grassy woodlands;
  • weeds and weed management in grassy woodlands;
  • grassy woodland restoration;
  • grazing for biodiversity;
  • planning a management and restoration project
  • flora identification skills;
  • identifying the natural values of a site and its threats;
  • identifying vegetation community type;
  • vegetation monitoring techniques; and
  • where to get help including an overview of funding opportunities.