06 September 2012

21 of Australia's most threatened plants

The Australian Network for Plant Conservation (ANPC) is celebrating 21 years of promoting and developing plant conservation. To mark the occasion we've released a list of 21 of Australia’s most threatened plants.

The list is being launched today on National Threatened Species Day. National Threatened Species Day is held on 7 September each year - commemorating the death of the last Tasmanian tiger at Hobart Zoo in 1936.

National Threatened Species Day aims to raise awareness of the plight of threatened species and to encourage community involvement in their conservation.

The general public is typically aware that many of Australia’s animals, like the Tasmanian Devil and the Hairy-nosed Wombat, are threatened with extinction. But they are often not aware that hundreds of Australian plant species face extinction.

More than 40 Australian Plant Species have become extinct since European settlement and over 1000 species are currently considered likely to become extinct within our lifetime unless something is done to reverse their decline.

Help raise awareness of Australia’s unique and threatened flora by sharing this list among your friends and networks.

VIEW THE SLIDE SHOW LIST BELOW or if you can’t see the slide show in your email visit http://www.anpc.asn.au/21threatenedplants.html

Make sure you click-on 'show info' in the top right corner to see the text. The slide show is best viewed at full screen (select the box with four arrows in the bottom right).

What species do you think should have made the list? We've turned on comments at ANPC NEWS so you can leave a comment under this post or leave a comment on our facebook page.

The ANPC is hosting its 9th National Conference in Canberra 29 Oct - 2 Nov 2012 on the theme Plant Conservation in Australia: Achievements & Future Directions. 

We also have five upcoming workshops on topics covering the identification, management and restoration of native vegetation. 

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