26 September 2011

FIELD DAYS: Conserving Native Grasses in Rural Cemeteries

Where and when

17th October - 10am - Wollar Cemetery (left side of Barrigan St. heading towards Ulan 2pm - Ulan Cemetery (opposite the community centre)
18th October - 10am - Ilford Cemetery (2km along CafĂ©’s Rd - first right turn past the Ilford Information Bay when heading south along the Castlereagh Hwy.)
2pm - Tannabutta Cemetery (20km south of Mudgee, left hand side of Castlereagh Hwy.)

Watershed Landcare and the Department of Primary Industries will be
holding two field days for our Conserving Native Grasses in Rural Cemeteries
Project. The purpose of the project is to improve biodiversity in the region by
raising community awareness to the value of native grasses as a sustainable,
perennial groundcover. Small rural cemeteries contain a range of plant species no longer common in the landscape due to the activities of grazing, cropping and urbanization. The historical tenure of these cemeteries offers a haven for interesting and rare grasses, forbs and shrubs.

Contact either Thea at info@watershedlandcare.com.au or 0417 074 673; OR Christine at cmcrae@activ8.net.au or 63737628

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