17 June 2013

NEWS and interesting reads in plant conservation

Identifying ecosystems at risk – the new IUCN Red List, The Conversation

NSW Government announces significant changes to Native Vegetation regulation. Summary pdf. This is the first stage in a major review that will include revision of the Native Vegetation Act 2003, the Threatened Species Conservation Act 1995, and related biodiversity legislation. (View ANPC’s submission to NSW Native Vegetation Regulation Review - no 241). 

Victorian Government releases details of changes to native vegetation clearing regulations

Public feedback on the White Paper – A new planning system for NSW due 28th June 2013.  Submission Guides prepared by Environmental Defenders Office NSW and Nature Conservation Council of NSW

Biodiversity offsets could be locking in species decline (& at worst may provide an incentive for decline to continue), The Conversation. 

New model to save farm biodiversity: Farmers paid to conserve biodiversity hotspots in Tasmania

NSW Government launch new Biosecurity Strategy for 2013-2021

'Our national parks must be more than playgrounds or paddocks', The Conversation. 

Supreme Court action launched against Vic state government over failure to prepare recovery plans

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