17 June 2013

ANPC welcomes new Business Manager

ANPC recently welcomed our new Business Manager, Jo Lynch. Jo is replacing Merryl Bradley who will be retiring 30th June.

Jo’s background is in bush regeneration and noxious weed management in the Sydney region. She moved to Canberra 5 years ago where she has since been working on the challenge of raising two children.

Jo is thrilled to be joining the ANPC and will be working on increasing the organisation’s profile and funding through grants, donations and sponsorships, as well as a few other new ideas. Her vision is for the ANPC to grow in size and influence to equal other national environmental organisations.

Jo will be working Thursdays and Fridays in the Canberra office. If you have any fundraising or promotional ideas, please feel free to contact her on (02) 6250 9523, 0438 775823 or via email: anpc (at) anpc.asn.au.

Welcome Jo!

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