30 April 2013

CALL FOR ARTICLES for Australasian Plant Conservation (APC) Vol. 22 (1): Fire & threatened biodiversity

**Note - this issue is almost full - so if you wish to submit an article please contact the editor, Selga Harrington (selga.harrington (at) gmail.com, asap. Deadline for submissions is Friday 10 May 2012.**

We are seeking articles for the June – August 2013 issue of Australasian Plant Conservation (APC), the bulletin of the ANPC.

The issue will be on the theme ‘Fire and threatened biodiversity’.

Fire is a major tool available for land management and can be used to protect property from wildfire, protect fire sensitive habitats, maximise biodiversity and manage woody weeds. Although fire is an important management tool, there are many gaps in our knowledge of how and how often it can and should be used.

We wish to explore the use of fire for plant conservation, in particular for threatened species and ecological community management.

Articles can range from overviews of the use of fire as a management tool, to case studies illustrating particular examples.

Further guidelines can be found here.

We also welcome:
· book reviews
· titles of interesting recent publications or resources, and where they can be found
· conference, workshop, course and fieldwork announcements
· details of relevant publications, information resources and websites.

Deadline for submissions Friday 10th May.

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