30 April 2013

ANPC WORKSHOPS: Myrtle Rust: a new threat to Western Australia's biodiversity, Perth, Bunbury & Albany 20 - 24th May

Registration is open for upcoming ANPC workshops on Myrtle Rust.

This one day workshop to be held at various locations in Western Australia will provide training in Myrtle Rust recognition, reporting, risk assessment, and management concepts and techniques.

These one-day events will present a comprehensive summary of what is known of this new threat to Australia’s biodiversity, the knowledge gaps, and management options.

The emphasis will be on wild-plant conservation, but there will also be information relevant for people from the horticulture, forestry, and bush-products sectors who wish to know more about Myrtle Rust, how to monitor for it, and where to find information on the control measures available for horticultural sites and suppliers.

The day will also include workshop sessions to assist you to think about regional priorities, and options for changes to work practices for your sector.

This course will provide comprehensive information on the disease, and help you to:
  • recognize the disease in the field and in cultivation
  • identify species and ecological communities at risk
  • decide what to monitor before and if the disease arrives
  • assess the risks and consequences of spreading the disease, and how to avoid doing so.

ANPC presenter:  Bob Makinson (Conservation Botanist - Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney)

For more information and to register please visit the workshop webpage: http://anpc.asn.au/courses/Myrtle_Rust_WA_2013/Myrtle_Rust_Courses.html

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