01 May 2012

NEWS: ANPC Training helps detect Myrtle rust in Far North Queensland

Myrtle Rust has recently been confirmed in the Cairns Regional Council Nursery in Mossman in Far North Queensland and in the residential garden of one of the nursery staff. The detection in the residential garden is the first detection of myrtle rust in the environment (i.e. outside a nursery situation) in Far North Queensland.

The Queensland Myrtle Rust Program recently reported that ‘The infestation in Mossman has probably been detected at an early stage due to the vigilance of Cairns Regional Council staff. The council has been very proactive in its approach to myrtle rust, ensuring many of its staff received high level myrtle rust training prior to the establishment of the disease in the area. Training was provided in December 2011 by Biosecurity Queensland and Bob Makinson from the Australian Network for Plant Conservation Inc. No doubt it has been a combination of this training and the alertness of council staff that has enabled this early detection of the disease.

For more information on Myrtle Rust check out Bob Makinson’s recent Myrtle Rust Update.