01 May 2012

EVENT: Australasian Systematic Botany Society Conference, Perth, 23-28 Sept 2012

The Australasian Systematic Botany Society will hold their 2012 conference in Perth 23-28th September 2012. The conference theme, Local knowledge, global delivery, follows from last year's landmark International Botanical Congress in Melbourne, where sweeping new changes surrounding the publication of new taxa were proposed. Electronic publication came into effect at the start of 2012, marking a new era in the communication of local research to a world wide audience.

We are also in a time of rapidly advancing technologies, which has seen the development of new online tools for compiling and delivering systematic information. To this end, abstracts are invited on biodiversity informatics, web-based collaborations, electronic publishing and eFloras. Abstracts are also invited on local endemism, pollination and biodiversity threats such as climate change and plant pathogens. Students are strongly encouraged to attend and present their research, even if their projects are in their infancy.

Abstracts are due by 30 June 2012. More information available on the conference website.