24 June 2011

ANPC: Call for articles for Australasian Plant Conservation Vol. 20 (2)

We are seeking articles for the September-November 2011 issue of Australasian Plant Conservation (APC), the bulletin of the Australian Network for Plant Conservation (ANPC).

The issue will be on the theme ‘Conservation and restoration of coastal and estuarine ecosystems’.

Most of Australia’s population lives on or near the coast, and numerous community groups are involved in plant conservation activities there. Rapid urbanisation, catchment degradation and the emerging threat of climate change have led to concern about coastal ecosystem conservation. If you or your group has been doing plant conservation or vegetation restoration work in coastal or estuarine ecosystems, we encourage you to write an article about it.

· What are your visions and goals?
· What were your challenges?
· What have been your successes?
· What has worked really well, and what wouldn’t you repeat again?
· How have you planned for climate change?

Tell us your story to help others learn or get ideas or inspiration from what you have done.

General articles not on the theme are also welcome.

We also welcome:
· book reviews
· titles of interesting recent publications or resources, and where they can be found
· conference, workshop, course and fieldwork announcements
· details of relevant publications, information resources and websites.

Deadline for submissions for the September - November 2011 issue is Friday 12 August 2011.

If you are intending to submit an article or wish to discuss possibilities, please contact the Editor, Selga Harrington, by 22 July. Your final article must be submitted to Selga by email at selga.harrington@gmail.com. Guidelines for authors about the APC style and scope are located on the ANPC website

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