13 January 2010

ANPC WORKSHOP: The Translocation of Threatened Plants, Perth, 24 February 2010

Have you been involved in, or would you like to be involved in, the planning, approval or implementation of a translocation project for threatened flora? Then this workshop is relevant to you!
Questions to be addressed include:
• What is translocation?
• When is it appropriate to use translocation as a tool to conserve threatened species?
• What needs to be done when planning a translocation program?
• How should a translocation program be implemented?
• What ongoing management and evaluation is required?
• Where can I go for more information?

The workshop will include WA case studies of translocation programs, highlighting lessons to be learnt.

The registration form and program are available from the anpc:
Website: www.anpc.asn.au Ph: 02 6250 9509 Fax: 02 6250 9528 Email: anpc@anpc.asn.au

Registrations close: COB Wednesday 17 February 2010

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