29 July 2013

NEWS & interesting reads in plant conservation

Biodiversity Fund slashed. c. $200 Million of unallocated funding from the Biodiversity Fund was returned to the budget.

Federal Government release list of 15 Strategic Research Priorities including three related to living in a changing environment. These priorities will guide investment in research.

"Repairing and preparing Australia's landscapes for global change: Why we must do much more". A new report from Australia 21. Related read.

First outbreak of Red Witchweed (Striga asiatica) in Australia recently confirmed in Queensland. Red Witchweed parasitises a very wide range of hosts in the Poaceae, so has the potential to pose a serious threat to sugarcane and cereal crops. More information and reporting proceduresNews story.

Revegetation helps fix the climate, but Australia would rather clear land, The Conversation

Why grasslands need 'champions', John Morgan.

Highlights (video) from a Native Seed Production Area Workshop run by Greening Australia and Australian National Botanic Gardens.

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