25 March 2013

INTERESTING BITS IN BRIEF: A summary of recent plant conservation news and articles

We've been sharing plant conservation news and articles of interest almost daily through our social media channels TwitterFacebook and Google +. We're now also sharing images of our events and activities via Instagram.

Time to key out a few species #ANPCworkshop #plantidcanberra
{Participants at our recent Plant ID for Grassy Ecosystems Workshop practicing their plant identification skills}

Here's a sample of what we have shared recently:

Lowland Grassy Woodland in the South East Corner Bioregion - New EPBC Act critically endangered listing. 

ANPC Committee member Noushka Reiter on translocation of endangered orchids. 

Genetic diversity in seed is vital for restoration efforts says CSIRO scientist Linda Broadhurst (listen)

Australia’s tropical savannas are largest least-degraded on Earth. Sadly they are threatened by Gamba Grass

New theory: 'forests are the heart of the earth, driving atmospheric pressure, pumping wind & moving rain'. 

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