08 June 2012

ANPC: Monitoring and community involvement explored in the latest edition of APC

ANPC members will have received issue 20 (4) of Australasian Plant Conservation by now.

The theme of the latest issue is monitoring and community involvement.

Articles include:
  • The role of community groups in rare orchid monitoring in the West Australian wheatbelt
  • Monitoring a nutrient manipulation experiment to restore grassy box-gum woodlands
  • Monitoring for climate driven floristic shift in Australian subtropical rainforest
  • Could crowdsourcing be used to detect and monitor invasives?
  • Mitigating the effects of forest eucalypt dieback associated with psyllids and bell miners in World Heritage Areas
  • The Threatened Crimson Spider Orchid, Albury NSW
  • Monitoring the effects of fire on the Button Wrinklewort
  • Monitoring the Bago Leek Orchid
  • Vehicle access controls monitored through photopoints
  • Introduction of Pellitory into revegetated coastal dunes to attract the Yellow Admiral Butterfly
Regular features include: updates from the New Zealand Plant Conservation Network, book reviews, information resources and useful websites, and research roundup.

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