11 April 2012

ANPC WORKSHOP REPORT: What happened at the Canberra ACT Translocation of threatened plants workshop?

The ANPC’s recent two day workshop on the Translocation of Threatened Plants, held in Canberra 27th and 28th March, was attended by around 40 participants from the ACT, NSW and Qld.

Participants enjoyed a range of networking opportunities and left with a sound understanding of the role of translocation in the conservation of threatened plants.

Pine Island ACT - site of a translocation project for the endangered shrub Muehlenbeckia tuggeranong — Tuggeranong Lignum 
Viewing a translocated population of the endangered shrub Muehlenbeckia tuggeranong — Tuggeranong Lignum.

View a detailed workshop report.  Additional workshop photographs can be found on the ANPC's new Flickr page.

Interested in attending a future Translocation Workshop? A Sydney Workshop has been scheduled for 5th & 6th November 2012 and a Brisbane workshop will happen in early 2013. Subscribe to ANPC News to be notified when registrations open.

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