06 March 2012

NEW GUIDELINES: NSW Roads agency issues Biodiversity Guidelines

‘Biodiversity Guidelines - Protecting and managing biodiversity on RTA projects’ has been released by NSW’s Roads & Maritime Services (RMS - formerly the Roads & Traffic Authority, RTA).

These Guidelines are intended for use by RMS staff and contractors, but provide a valuable template for other public- and private sector utilities providers in all States.

Formatted as ten guides, they cover:
Guide 1: Pre-clearing process
Guide 2: Exclusion zones
Guide 3: Re-establishment of native vegetation
Guide 4: Clearing of vegetation and removal of bushrock
Guide 5: Re-use of woody debris and bushrock
Guide 6: Weed management
Guide 7: Pathogen management
Guide 8: Nest boxes
Guide 9: Fauna handling
Guide 10: Aquatic habitats and riparian zones

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