12 December 2011

SURVEY: Bell Miner Associated Dieback Project

Eucalypt dieback - Bell Miner Associated Dieback (BMAD)

Tree dieback may have various causes, may be natural or human - activity related, and may be of seasonal, short term or long-term duration. This survey form is designed to collect information on the current extent and distribution of tree dieback in the Blue Mountains WHA or nearby areas, in particular where associated with bell miners. Other instances of dieback are also of interest and can be recorded, except that directly related to bushfire. To gain a picture of current patterns of any dieback it is important that observations describe the current condition of trees (i.e. within the current month of recording) separately from longer term conditions and activities.

Identifying where dieback occurs is an important step in improving the management of forests. By identifying the threat, targeted management to improve biodiversity and forest heath, and to mitigate hazards and other possible unwanted outcomes arising from dieback, can be developed and actioned.

To obtain a copy of the survey forms please contact Bryony Horton by email: bryony.horton@environment.nsw.gov.au

Form are to be returned by Friday 23rd December.

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