01 December 2010

ANPC: Call for articles for APC 19(4), March-May 2011, Plant conservation on Aboriginal / Indigenous lands

Australasian Plant Conservation (APC) is the quarterly bulletin of the Australian Network for Plant Conservation Inc. (ANPC). Our members, and the wider readership of the bulletin, come from disparate sectors: science, policy, land management, community groups, the revegetation/restoration industry, and ecological consultancies. The Network, and the bulletin, provide an all too rare opportunity for these sectors to talk to each other and share the rich and growing body of practical and scientific knowledge. We try to transmit new science results in plain language, and to draw out the practical lessons of local projects and case-studies to make them relevant for others. A style-guide is available from the Editor.

In APC issue 19(4), March—May 2011, we aim to look at plant conservation activities on land owned and/or managed by Aboriginal / Indigenous communities. This includes land that is held under native title, various Land Rights regimes, land in the Indigenous Protected Area (IPA) network, and traditional lands that communities are helping to manage. Relevant plant conservation activities include native vegetation management to retain habitat value and component plant species; conserving species traditionally used as food or medicinal plants or for cultural purposes; and actions related to the recovery of plant species or ecological communities listed under state and national environmental laws. Articles may focus on any aspect of plant conservation, including planning, partnerships, education and on-ground activities.

We also hope to have overview articles on the recognition and value of traditional knowledge, and we would be interested in articles on good practice in work between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people and organisations on conservation issues. Articles should be no longer than 1200 words. Where possible, they should be illustrated with one or two photographs that have been cleared with the appropriate people for publication, and have appropriate captions and photographer credits.

The deadline for articles will be 12 February 2011. If you would like to submit an article, please contact Rosemary Purdie, Editor, Australasian Plant Conservation, by email (Rosemary.Purdie@environment.gov.au).

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