28 July 2010

CALL FOR PLANT STORIES: For new Jane Goodall book

Dr Jane Goodall is renowned for her work studying chimpanzees in the wild. This has led her to active promotion of animal conservation around the world through speaking tours (see Jane Goodall Institute website http://www.janegoodall.org/), and through books like her 2009 ‘Hope for Animals and Their World: How Endangered Species Are Being Rescued from the Brink’ (Grand Central Publishing).

But Jane is also interested in supporting and promoting plant conservation, and is working on a new book devoted to it. Jane is calling for stories from plant conservationists around the world, about “plants being rescued from the brink of extinction, or conservation successes in plant breeding, worthy of consideration for this new publication”.

Jane’s collaborator Gail Hudson writes: “We want stories that involve the saving and/or restoring of endangered plants, trees, grasses, etc. - even sea plants. We would like stories to have a human interest angle. For instance, a plant being rescued because of its sentimental or historical significance, or people risking their lives to save plants—a little human drama. We want stories that involve endangered indigenous medicinal or wild food plants. We want stories that involve people planting plants in order to restore an entire ecosystem or habitat for other endangered animals, insects, etc. We like stories that involve citizen and/or children participation – not just botanists (although we love botanists!)".

Jane and Gail will be accepting and researching new story leads through January of 2011. If you have a case study that you think would work for this book, send a precis (of no more than 1,000 words) to mailto:hg.hudson@cablespeed.com by 15 January 2011. It doesn’t have to be a formal document—just a casual summary of the project. Please include a phone number and email where the authors can contact you if they have follow up questions.

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