21 June 2010

Wanted: ANBG Volunteer Guides

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Be a volunteer guide

The Friends of the Gardens are currently recruiting for their annual volunteer guides training program. The prestigious title of Volunteer Guide at the Australian National Botanic Gardens comes after a five week training course which teaches communication skills, an understanding of the five main Garden zones, plant groups and more. The course runs each Wednesday and Thursday from 9.30am – 3.30pm from 28 June to 26 August. After that volunteer guides can lead hour long walks through the Gardens, sharing their knowledge and love of plants with visitors from all over the world. Guide Don Beer loves to show people the Gardens. "It’s a beautiful place to be and I meet lots of interesting people. It’s a pleasure to show them around," he said.

An introductory Information Session will be held in the Gardens’ Theatrette at 12.30pm on Wednesday 23 June. To receive an information pack and register your interest please call the Visitor Centre on 02 6250 9540.

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