03 November 2009

EPBC ACT: Current finalised priority assessment lists available

The Finalised Priority Assessment List (FPAL) for species, ecological communities and key threatening processes for the assessment period commencing 1 October 2009 is now available at http://www.environment.gov.au/biodiversity/threatened/pubs/priority-assessment-list-2009.pdf.

In accordance with Section 194(G) of the EPBC Act, the Threatened Species Scientific Committee (the Committee) considered all nominations that satisfied the regulations, and prepared a Proposed Priority Assessment List (PPAL). The Minister established the FPAL after considering advice from the Committee. The nominations on the FPAL will be assessed by the Committee within the scheduled timeframe (see list), and the Minister will decide whether each species, ecological community or key threatening process warrants listing based on the Committee’s advice.

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