09 September 2009

CALL FOR ARTICLES: Australasian Plant Conservation

Australasian Plant Conservation is a forum for information exchange for all those involved in plant conservation. Each edition contains a range of articles on plant conservation issues which reflect the interests of the range of ANPC's membership. Regular features include lists of the latest relevant publications, websites, conferences, field work and workshops. It is currently received by more than 700 individuals and organisations within Australia and worldwide.

The ANPC is currently seeking articles for the next edition of the bulletin Australasian Plant Conservation with the theme of Local Government and Plant Conservation. If you know of or are involved with any Local Government projects where the main objective is native plant conservation (eg. threatened species/ecosystems, revegetation/rehabilitation,remnant vegetation management) - please consider promoting these projects through the ANPC. The deadline for articles is 27 November and author guidelines can be found at: http://www.anbg.gov.au/anpc/pdffiles/APCGuideContrib.pdf

To view previous issues:

Contact the ANPC Project Manager for more information (02) 6250 9523 or anpc@anpc.asn.au

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